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my film, DEAF BROWN GURL is finally here! After one year in the making, it’s here for public viewing. ENGLISH & SPANISH subtitles are available for your watching. My film shows the diversity of Indian society (in Patna) and I wanted to show a variety of Indian groups (Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists), including Deaf Indians (and myself as a Deaf Indian).

"Deaf Brown Gurl" ("La Morena Sorda") a film written, directed, shot, performed, and edited by Sabina England.

-Voice Over & Sound Design by Micropixie.
-Music by Om/Off (Paco Seren and Pablo Alvarez)
-V.O Recording by Elliott Peltzman.

Filmed in India (Old Delhi, India and Patna, Bihar, India)

Sabina England
http://www.sabinaengland.com/ (Website)
https://www.facebook.com/sabinaengland (Facebook)
https://twitter.com/sabinaengland (Twitter)

http://www.micropixie.com/ (Website)
https://www.facebook.com/Micropixie (Facebook)
https://twitter.com/micropixie (Twitter)

Om/Off (from Spain/desde España)
http://inidicia.wix.com/omoff (Website)
https://www.facebook.com/omoff (Facebook)
https://twitter.com/pacoseren (Twitter)

She’s not only a boss, but she’s so gorgeous!!

I really understand how SHE FEEL as I am deaf myself. I used to be wondering “Why can’t I be normal like hearing people?” “Why did Allah made me deaf?” and I remembered I was annoying, so pissed when my families talked among me at events, families feasts etc but I didn’t understand them. but now I am proud to be different. I am proud to deaf. I can sleep peace lol alhamdulilah 


Surah Al-Ghashiya - The Overwhelming | Verse 17-20

Like many other suras in the Qur’an, Al Ghashiyah addresses humankind with its message through fear and hope, promises and threats. The title Al Ghashiyah denotes the day of reckoning, focusing more on the faces that will experience it rather than the apocalyptic cosmic event. In the third passage God invites mankind to observe and reflect on all aspects of the universe and its creatures.

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*Collected videos from the past, it brought me many of good memories, ma sha Allah* 

I love to say Salaams as it brings nothing but PEACE! Did you know? The first thing Allah said is “Salaams” in Paradise when meeting righteous people Subhna Allah! Angels will greeting us salaams once arrive the gates of Jannah. One of 6 rights over a muslim is greeting of Salaams according to Hadith. 

"They shall not hear idle talks (in Paradise) any Laghw (dirty, false, evil vain talk), but only Salam (salutations of peace)……" 19.62 (Maryam chapter) Quran
Subhna Allah! 

I read somewhere via Tumblr, Non Muslim asked a Muslim what does “Asalam Alaykuim Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakullah” mean, he was answered “May the blessing, mercy of Allah’s upon you”, he was shocked; he then said how is this religion terrorist if greeting peace. 

May Allah grants us all Jannah, say Ameen! 


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